Would you like to work with us?


Venues4Hire.org offers a Venue and Supplier directory that covers the whole of the UK, but the people running it are local to the North West, Chesire and Shropshire. We do what we can by email but that can never fully replace detailed local knowledge of both Venues and Suppliers. We currently list over 30,000 Venues but we know that there are many more that are missing.


Our aim is to become the "Rightmove" of the Venues marketplace - ie when you search we will show all the Venues that there are within the search area (Just like Rightmove will show all of the property for sale or rent within their search areas).

We are looking for people to help us list new Venues and Suppliers, sell Venue upgrades and Supplier Adverts and also improve the quality of the information we hold by updating Venue contact details and descriptions were the ones we have are outdated.

At this stage we are not ready to create formal Franchises but we think this will come, but for now we would like some Sales Agents who are probably already working with Venues and Suppliers in their local areas and who would like to earn some additional income. We would be happy to spilt the income we earn from upgrades and adverts with any Sales Agents as well as paying for data improvements and new Venues added.

We would also be interested in hearing from any telesales people with a good understanding of the Venues industry who would be happy to work on a generous commission only basis to sell Venue upgrades and paid Supplier Adverts - this could be a very flexible role, working from home at time that suite with only the need for internet access, a phone and the right sales patter.

If you think we could work together please either email me ian.moore@venues4hire.org or call me on 07831 605321 for an initial chat - we want an informal and flexible arrangement that works for both sides.