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Venues4Hire opened its doors in the second half of 2014 and since then we have steadily grown to be the largest UK listing site for Venues and Spaces that can be hired to hold some form of event, activity, wedding, business meeting or any other form of private function. We now have over 29,500 Venues listed with many new Venues added each week. We are aiming to become the "Rightmove" of the Venues marketplace - listing all of the available Venues for hire within your search area from the grandest castle to the humblest community hall.

During the past 4 years we have gradually worked our way up the Google search results and now for almost any form of organic venue search - such as "Venues for hire near me" or "Halls for hire in Stone" we almost always appear on page one and often we are position one on that page. On average we get over 100,000 visitors each month viewing Venue details over 250,000 times and we send over 1500 booking enquiries to our listed Venues each month.

Like all websites we need to generate income each month - we do not charge any form of booking commission. We do however make charges for a number of added value services in addition to the income we make from running Google and other networked adverts.

Optional Chargeable Services


Upgraded Venue Listings - once you have added your Venue you can opt to upgrade your listing to either a Featured or Highlighted listing which each include a range of benefits aimed at increasing the interest in your Venue - this upgrade includes the Instant Enquiry Access detailed below.


Instant Enquiry Access - From August 2018 we will make a small annual charge for providing instant access to the contact details of the person making a booking enquiry - this charge will only apply once your Venue has been sent 5 enquiries. We spend a lot of time trying to ensure that Booking Enquiries reach the intended Venues as many Venues change their email addresses or the booking contact gets changed - all of this time costs us money. We therefore believe that after some initial free enquiries, so a Venue can judge if the enquiries are worthwhile and lead to bookings, it is reasonable to expect a small contribution to our costs - the annual cost is £30.00. If a Venue decides it does not want to make a contribution, then we will still pass on enquiries but there will be a 7 day delay before the enquirer details are shown. 


Venue Listing Charge


From August 2018 we will be making a small charge of £35.00 to list a new Venue - this will include Instant Enquiry Access for 2 years (see above) - we never charge any booking commissions, we only ever make small, fixed charges for specific levels of listing service. For 4 years we have allowed Venues to list for free whilst we were building up our site and building our Google reputation but like all websites, we have costs to cover and we hope to even make a profit at some point in the future. We hope this will not put you off listing your Venue as we firmly believe we are the best place in the UK to be listed (particularly for smaller Venues and Community Spaces). We also think that if you have to make a small payment you are more likely to remember to keep your listing up to date. When you add your Venue, we will then send you an invoice - this can then be paid by Bank Transfer, Cheque or PayPal.


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