Does your Venue need a Website of its own? 

Venues4Hire offer fully functional ready made Venue Websites

from just £125 per year

Most Venues in the UK will already have an internet presence, either their own website or a page on a locally focused website. Where we have been able to find such a presence, we have included details in the listing for your Venue. However, we have not been able to find any useful Internet presence for about 25% of the Venues we have listed. If that is your Venue, then this offer maybe for you.

We can create a standalone website for any Venue that is listed within our online directory in just a few minutes, all you need to do is to maintain the information that is shown using our very user friendly online administrators panel - you do not need any knowledge of the technical side of a website, just to be able to type in a description of your Venue and complete some tick-box based forms.

Our ready-made websites include a range of commonly used website pages allowing you to create a functional and informative website that will promote your Venue to the public in a simple but effective manner. These websites come with the following standard (but optional) pages of information: -

  • A Home page that includes a Description of your Venue, the Address and a location map of your Venue and the Booking contact details.
  • Details of the facilities available at your Venue.
  • Details of the rooms and spaces you have that are available to hire.
  • Pictures of your Venue.
  • A Calendar showing what's on at your Venue.
  • A Regular Users page where you can list the contact and other details for your regular Venue users.
  • An Events page where you can promote forthcoming Events.
  • A History page where you can include some history about your Venue.
  • A Committee page where you can include details about the Venues management committee (if you have one).
  • A Costings page where you can include details of the costs involved in hiring your Venue.
  • A News page where you can include current news about your Venue.
  • A Vacancies page where you can include details of any Jobs or Volunteer Role that you need to fill.
  • A Documents page where you can store downloadable documents that users might need - Bookings forms etc.
  • The Adverts manager which allows you to create and sell up to 10 adverts that will appear on your website.
  • Mail forwarding email addresses such as bookings@ or chairman@

The Adverts Manager allows you to create simple online adverts which you can either sell or give away to your local suppliers and partners to advertise their goods and services on your venue pages and also on search listings where your venue appears. A random selection of your adverts will be displayed each time your page is viewed or included within a search result. You are free to set your own prices and you keep all of the income.

We will supply a website name (subject to availability) i.e. to be used by your website, we will also supply the hosting space for your website. 

Our Ready-Made Venue Websites cost £125 per year and you can sell up to 10 support adverts - if you charged each advert at say £20 per year you would get the advantage of all of the enhanced benefits, cover your cost and make an additional £75 per year profit - you are of course free to charge whatever you wish as you are in control.

Comments from some of our existing customers: -

"Using the ready-made website for our village hall has been a great success. It is easy to use and has all of the facilities that we need to promote our venue."

Karen Davies - Newland Village

“If you are looking for a website that is both easy to configure and maintain without having to learn use of any software, and can be cost neutral, then look no further than a website on Venues4Hire. I had our site up and running within 24 hours of first agreeing to use Venues4Hire.”

William Rigby (Bill) - Manager - Cheddon Fitzpaine Memorial Hall -

"Working on our new website – such an easy process!"



For more information or to discuss your needs please call Ian Moore on 07831 605321 or email