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The Green
Neston Road
CH64 2XR

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07802 758433

Shirley Duncan - Bookings Secretary

Coronavirus Update

Bookings are now being taken again, but are subject to special hire conditions. Please review the latest guidance for hirers in the Documents section of the website.

Willaston Memorial Hall (situated on the Wirral) description

Village Hall / Wedding Venues / Business Meeting Rooms / Party Venue / Funerals and Wakes / Training Rooms

Medium (1-150)

Available for hire for regular bookings or one off events such as meetings, fund raising events, weddings and children's parties, etc. All rates are very competitive with special discounts for volume use and organisations whose work involves the young people of the community

The Hall has a large central hall, good sized committee room, large modern kitchen and toilets. It is suitable for up to 125 people. During summer 2017 a major internal refurbishment was undertaken.

The booking form/hall hire agreement can be found in the 'Documents' section of the website.

Venue suitability

This venue is suitable for the following uses:








Venue facilities

Within 0 metres




Yes - Full - Facilities to prepare meal

28 rectangle tables

140 chairs



Other venue facilities




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Ideal for committee meetings or use as a small lecture room


As meeting room:


6m x 4m

A rectangular space with an high arched ceiling.
There is access to the Kitchen via a hatch with an electric shutter. Available in situ are a pull-down projection screen and a piano, and the Hall has its own built-in sound system.
The Hall may be used for formal seating in theatre style. Alternatively it accommodates dining, dancing or a combination of both.
Chairs and collapsible tables are stored in rooms adjacent to the Main Hall.


As meeting room:


For dining:


For dancing:


For a reception:


15m x 7m



Latest news:

Annual General Meeting

31 August 2021

The Annual General Meeting of the Willaston Memorial Hall will be held on Tuesday 7 September 2021 at 7pm in the Committee Room at the Hall.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Coronavirus Update - Hall will reopen from September 2020

1 September 2020

The Hall will open again at the start of September 2020 for all users. You will need to submit a Risk Assessment form to the Trustees before hiring the Hall and agree to the Special Hiring conditions shown under the documents section of the website. 

Other recent detailed guidance for the Trustees of the Hall and hirers is included under the Documents section of the website under headings 'Coronavirus updates'.

If you are a regular hirer or a potential casual hirer of the Hall, please take some time to read these documents as they set out the requirements that will be in force to hire the Hall during the Coronavirus crisis period.

Interested in Gardening? Do you have a few hours a month to spare?

28 August 2020

Interested in gardening?

Do you have a few hours a month spare and would like to volunteer helping keep the community Village Hall looking smart and tidy?

We need help in keeping the garden and building surrounds free of weeds and tidy, bushes trimmed and footpaths swept. 

if you can spare some time please contact our Secretary Doreen Francey on:

Regular users of this venue:


Contact: Christine Burrows 0151 339 6717

We meet on Thursday evenings from 7.30 until 9.00 pm.

All welcome (no auditions required).


Contact: Michelle 07495 836613 or Jill Nall & Emma Thomas 07981 011455

Michelle Goodall (Preschool compliance manager) 07495 836613                                                                Jill Nall & Emma Thomas (Preschool managers)    07981 011455

We are open term time 9 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday.

We provide wrap around care through a breakfast club (7.45 am to 8.45 am) to after-school club (3.00 pm to 6.00 pm), both based at Willaston Primary School and also managed by S4YC Ltd.

We take children aged 2 to 5 years with funded places available for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.


Contact: Pat Shillington 0151 327 6821

We meet every 4th Tuesday in the month 7.45 - 10.00 pm.

New members and guests welcome.



Current vacancies:

Volunteers Needed

Closing date: 1 October 2020

The Memorial Hall is a registered charity, looked after by a group of volunteers who act as Trustees. The Trustees are responsible for the long term strategic direction of the hall, as well as its day-to-day running and maintenance – ensuring that it remains available for the local community to use and enjoy.

We would love to hear from anybody who might be able to volunteer their time to support us. There are lots of ways to help, without necessarily acting as a Trustee. For instance, you may have expertise in a certain area that might benefit the hall, from graphic design and web design skills to maintenance and building knowledge. Please contact Hon Treasurer Keith Greenfield if you would like to help: 0151 364 6942 or 07947 836810.

Document library:

Accounts for the Hall - year ended 31/12/2019

Audited Income account and Balance sheet for year to 31/12/2019

View: img_3754.jpg (0 kB)

Annual Report -year ended 31/12/2019

Annual report for the Hall submitted to the Charity Commission for the year to 31/12/2019

View: annual-report-2019.docx (0 kB)

Booking form and conditions of hire

You will need to complete this form if you wish to hire the Hall. By signing the form you will agree to abide by the conditions of hire. Please contact the Bookings Secretary (details on the home page of the website) to discuss the hire before completing the form.

View: booking-form-hire-agreement-march-2021-6.docx (0 kB)

Chairman and Treasurer's report to AGM

The report given by the Chairman and Treasurer at the AGM held on 8 September 2020.

View: chairman-and-treasurers-report-for-the-willaston-memorial-hall-agm-2019.docx (25,753 kB)

Coronavirus update 3 - Appendix G Risk Assessment for Hirers

Sample COVID-19 Risk Assessment for hirers of Village and Community Halls

View: appendix-g-covid-19-risk-assessment-for-hirers-4720.docx (0 kB)

Covid 19 advice

This document is the latest guidance from government relating to the opening and use of community halls during the Covid 19 pandemic.

View: governments-covid-19-winter-plan-for-village-halls-september-2021-v2-1.pdf (114,915 kB)

Covid 19 poster

This is the poster which is displayed in the Hall which details the special precautions which all users of the Hall must take during the Covid 19 pandemic. It was updated in October 2021.

View: appendix-c-revised-sept-2021.docx (7,162 kB)

Covid 19 Special Hiring Conditions

This document sets out the special conditions for the hire of the Hall during the Covid 19 pandemic. They were updated in September 2021.

View: special-hiring-conditions-revised-june-2021.docx (15,596 kB)

Covid 19 Trustees' Risk Assessment

This document is the Trustees' Risk Assessment for the use of the Hall during the Covid 19 pandemic. It was updated in September 2021.

View: wmh-covid-19-risk-assessment-sept-2021.docx (20,980 kB)

Data Protection Privacy Policy

This document is the Hall's Data Protection Privacy Policy, updated March 2021.

View: data-protection-and-privacy-statement-2021.docx (11,843 kB)

Fire Risk Assessment

This document is the Hall's Fire Risk Assessment

View: fire-risk-assessment-210621-3.docx (611,269 kB)

Health and Safety Policy

This document is the Hall's Health and Safety Policy

View: health-safety-willaston-memorial-hall-feb-2021.docx (15,690 kB)

Insurance Certificate to 31/12/2020

Insurance Certificate for year to 31/12/2020 from Zurich Insurance

View: certificate-cso-select-renewal-policy-from-zurich.pdf (0 kB)

Internal Rejuvenation project

The internal rejuvenation this summer is now complete and attached is the press release reporting the work carried out and the contractors involved.

View: willaston-memorial-hall-end-of-project-press-release.docx (41,849 kB)

Lettings Policy

This document is the Letting Policy for the Hall, updated in March 2021.

View: lettings-policy-willaston-memorial-hall-feb-2021.docx (0 kB)

List of Trustees

This is a list of the trustees of the Hall as of September 2021

View: committee-of-trustees-website-updated-september-2021.docx (186,882 kB)

Maintenance work pointing report

Maintenance work - pointing report from Project Manager

View: willaston-report.pdf (5,574,993 kB)


Parking at the side of the Hall obstructs access for residents.

View: parking.docx (0 kB)

Rental rates for the Hall

This document sets out the current rental rates for the Hall

View: rental-rates-june-2021.docx (0 kB)

Risk Assessment

This document is the Hall's Risk Assessment

View: risk-assessment-willaston-memorial-hallfeb-2021.docx (15,182 kB)

Trust Deed and Constitution

Trust Deed and constitution for Willaston Hall as amended and agreed by the Charity Commission - October 2018

View: wmh-trust-deed-constitution-oct-2018.docx (17,624 kB)

Volunteers required

volunteers required for small jobs around the Hall

View: volunteers-request.docx (381,005 kB)

Weddings - FAQs

This documents answers many of the questions about hire of the Hall for weddings. For further information, contact the Bookings Secretary.

View: weddings-faqs.docx (0 kB)

Willaston Memorial Hall is owned by the village and managed by a committee of Trustees, nine of whom are nominated by the organisations who use the Hall and four are elected at the Annual General Meeting; the Trust Deed allows for the co-option of three other trustees. The local council does not financially support it in any way.

Memorial Hall History and Background.


The late Duncan Graham of the Lydiate erected “The Willaston Institute” as a gift to the village for the purpose of a Club, Lecture and Meeting Hall, Reading Room, Library or such other purposes as may be found desirable for the benefit of the inhabitants of the parish and neighbourhood of Willaston.


290 square yards of land to the side of the Institute were purchased for the sum of £60 on part of which was erected The Willaston War Memorial Hut by the then Willaston Village Society.


Following consultation with village organisations it was agreed that The War Memorial Hut (which was then beyond repair) should be pulled down and replaced by a new permanent building joined to the Institute.


The two Charities, The Willaston Institute and Willaston War Memorial Hut, were formed into one charity to be known as the Willaston Memorial Hall.


Following extensive fund-raising, substantial refurbishment of the Hall was undertaken and an extension housing new toilets was built because no major improvements had been made since the erection of the new building and the Hall did not meet current regulations for its use.


Following the receipt of some external grants, further major refurbishment of the Hall was carried out.

Management of the Hall

The Memorial Hall has two sets of Trustees. Firstly, the Custodian Trustee is the Official Custodian for Charities. The Hall is vested in the Custodian Trustee whose responsibility is simply to hold the legal title of the Charity’s property and to act on the lawful directions of the Committee in any transactions affecting this title.

Secondly, the Managing Trustees are members of the Management Committee, and are responsible for the day to day management of the Memorial Hall, in accordance with its governing instrument (i.e. the Trust Deed). The Committee consists of up to sixteen members in total, nine of whom are nominated by organisations of the village that regularly use the hall and four are elected at the Annual General Meeting in March; a further three Trustees may be co-opted. (Volunteers who help with the running of the Hall are also invited to attend the Management Committee meetings.) The Committee usually meets on the second Tuesday of every other month. The Trustees elect a number of officers from within the members.

There are approximately 8,900 village halls in England, the majority of which are managed in this way. Few problems are experienced as long as committee members manage the building with all reasonable due care and attention, in the same way that they would manage their own affairs.

Committee Members are expected to attend the meetings in order to have a full knowledge of how the Committee is run, its financial situation and the decisions made and why. They should bring their thoughts and ideas on how this vital village asset can continue to be run and managed successfully. Although they may have been nominated by a village organisation to become a Committee Member, they must act in the best interests of the Memorial Hall. They are entitled to put their organisation’s views but, if there is a conflict, they must make decisions in the best interests of the Hall. If a Trustee is unable to attend a meeting, they may nominate a substitute to attend in their place, but that substitute cannot vote on any matter.





Catherine Jones   (Chair)                  0151 327 1850    

Vacancy              (Vice Chairman)   

Doreen Francey    (Secretary)         

Keith Greenfield    (Treasurer)           0151 364 6942



Robert King                   Willaston Residents and Countryside Society

Sheena Chalmers           Willaston Girlguiding units

Val Fisher                      Willastonhey W.I.

Jackie Jenkins                Country Market

Brian Brizell                   Horticultural Society



Councillor Myles Hogg                      0151 327 4096

Mandi Herbert

Shirley Duncan (Bookings Secretary)


Contact numbers are available upon reasonable request.

Keyholders are also available upon reasonable request.



£20.00 per hour for the main Hall


£5.00 per hour for the Committee Room (minimum hire 2 hours at £10.00)


£20.00 per hour for both the Hall and Committee Room together


Note: Time for preparation/setting up and clearing the room is to be included in the required hours as well as the hours of actual use.




£5.00 per hour special discount for any non-profit organisation whose work involves children or young people from the village. E.g. play group, Guides, Scouts, etc.


Volume based discount based on the annual number of hours the Hall and Committee Room are booked for are as follows:

Hours Banding

Volume %











> 226



Special Wedding Rates – covers Hall and Committee Rooms


£450 (minimum hire 4 hours) plus standard hourly booking rate of £20 per hour for every additional hour up to a maximum charge of £650.






Updated June 2021