SLS at Southlands High School


Venues and the public

School Lettings Solutions are the community lettings provider at Southlands High School.

Southlands High School boasts excellent facilities all around which includes a brand new sports hall, dance studio, astroturf pitch, and main hall that are available to hire.

We are a little bit different to other companies in what we can offer you, we include: -

-The facilities will be available all year around. We do not close for school/bank holidays.

-A customer-care focused approach, equipment being set out for you, facility checks etc.

-A member of our staff to support you throughout your session.

-An innovative and user friendly booking system where you will be able to monitor your bookings and invoices.

-**CLIENT PROMOTION** we can offer you FREE promotion. If you require marketing material designed i.e. a flyer. We will design this for you absolutely FREE of charge. We will also actively promote your group through our dedicated website you will be included in our newsletter and dedicated Facebook/Twitter pages. E-marketing lists, handing out flyers to the school and other facility users and we can put up posters/flyers for you on site.

Contact details

SLS at Southlands High School

Clover Road

01257 498855

SLS at Southlands High School