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Blake Dawes is a performer and magician from Liverpool. Using a unique mixture of psychology, persuasion, mind control and magic he's able to reveal exact pieces of information from inside your head with pinpoint accuracy. Blake also possesses the ability to predetermine the exact choices people are going to make, even before they know they will make those choices themselves.

Showcasing his mind reading skills and powers of suggestion he can turn what seems to be an impossibility into a reality. Using his unique skills and talent to perform little miracles inches away from where an audience stands, leaving participants in disbelief. Blake is a far cry from your average stereotypical magician, he doesn't tell poor jokes or employ common magical equipment such as rope, sponge balls, and silk handkerchiefs and he certainly doesn't pull rabbits out of any hats.

Modern, edgy and stylish is the best way to describe Blake's effects and psychological illusions. Blake knows what playing card you're thinking of, he knows your phone passcode number and he probably knows your bank pin. Blake has been performing and practicing the art of conjuring since his school days, his cutting edge and entertaining performances will bring any event to life, getting unbelievable reactions from everybody involved and leaving people with memories that last a lifetime.

Blake Dawes is for hire in Liverpool and throughout the UK and he is definitely the performer for your next event.

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