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Access Statement

A brief note on providing access statements for planning and building control purposes.

access-statements.pdf (40 kB)

Commerical EPC

Crteria information for relating to the need for premises to have and display and Energy Performance Certificate. Contact us if need any assistance in this regard.

commercial-epc.pdf (127 kB)

Energy Efficiency

A document from the campaign for warm homes providing guidance on energy efficiency measures in community buildings. Contact us if you need any support when considering your energy efficiency measures.

energy-efficency.pdf (881 kB)

Equipment Inspections

A proposed plan for the timing and requirements for the inspection of equipment within a building.

equipment-inspection-regime.pdf (132 kB)

Fire Safety

An overview of the occupiers responsibility in terms of fire safety. We can provide further assistance with your fire risk assessments, please contact us.

fire-safety.pdf (163 kB)

Jargon Buster

The ethical property foundation have created this document to assist in understanding the Jargon associated with buildings.

premises-jargon-buster.pdf (41 kB)


An overview of the maintenance issues faced by community and public buildings. Contact us for more help.

maintenance.pdf (154 kB)

Planned Maintenance

If you need any assistance in planning your maintenance please contact us. This document provides an overview of some things to consider.

planned-maintenance.pdf (169 kB)

Statutory Testing and Inspections

CIBSE guidance on the testing and inspection regimes for buildings.

ti-all-buildings.pdf (47 kB)

Testing and Inspection

An outline of the requirements to test and inspection your buildings.

testing-requirements.pdf (46 kB)

Testing Matrix

Further guidance in the form of a matrix to consider when looking at you testing and inspection requirements.

testing-matrix.pdf (66 kB)

Waste management

Waste management

waste-management.pdf (119 kB)

Equal Ops Policy Template

A draft template document for the organisation to consider, adapt and complete to suit the individual circumstances of the organisation.

equal-ops-policy.docx (210 kB)

Equality and Social Inclusion

Guidance in relation to equality act.

equality-and-social-inclusion.pdf (55 kB)

Fire Safety

Government advice on making your venue safe

fsra-small-medium-assembly.pdf (3,248 kB)

Fire Safety

A briefing note on fire safety and legislation for occupied, assembly and recreation premises.

fire-and-life-safety.pdf (57 kB)

How much does it cost to register and adopt my venue?

What are the costs involved?

how-much-does-it-cost.docx (12 kB)

Green Guide for Offices

A green guide produced by the London Sustainability Exchange.

green-guide-for-offices.pdf (885 kB)


A community matters publication.

communitybuildings-maximising-assets.pdf (2,125 kB)

Statutory Guidance for Youth Services

A guidance document for all concerned with youth services published by the National Council for Voluntary Services.

statutory-guidance-for-youth-services.pdf (255 kB)

Sustainable Needs Analysis

A tool prepared by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations for voluntary and community organisations.

sustainable-needs-analysis.pdf (393 kB)

Volunteers Policy

A booklet to provide guidance for everyone who works with volunteers.

policiesbooklet-volunteers.pdf (380 kB)


Advice on working with asbestos

advice-on-work-with-asbestos.pdf (1,123 kB)


What to do if you uncover asbestos

uncover-acms.pdf (1,072 kB)

Health & Safety at Work

Notes on the HSWA 1974.

hswa1974.pdf (48 kB)

Health and Safety Checklist

Health and safety Executive PDF

village-hall.pdf (186 kB)

Health and Safety Risk Assessment

Health and Safety PDF

villagehall-risk-ass.pdf (198 kB)

Introduction to H&S

HSE guide and introduction to Health & Safety

intro-to-health-safety.pdf (715 kB)

How to adopt your venue

A document explaining how to adopt your venue and load photos onto your venues pages.

how-to.pdf (169 kB)

H&S Policy Template

Template document for completion by the organisation with their own specific information.

health-and-safety-policy_template.docx (161 kB)

Insurance Guidance

Document as prepared by BIBA LLB to provide guidance on the insurance provisions for the Voluntary, Community and SE sector.

insurance-guidance.pdf (165 kB)

Licenses and Permissions

Guidance on the requirements for organisations to have licences and permissions, as prepared by Community Matters

licenses-and-permissions.pdf (62 kB)

Managing Community Buildings

A guide on the management of buildings.

managingcommunitybuildings.pdf (156 kB)

Measuring your social impact

A guide issued by 'The Tool Factory'

measuring-your-social-impact.pdf (1,018 kB)