March 2017

Where do we go from here? We now have almost 30,000 venues listed as well as 30,000 suppliers. We are now looking at improving our offer to both venues and suppliers. We need feedback from all of you. What do you want us to add to the site? 

Our social media is alive every day with comments, and views. If you haven't already linked with us on Facebook and Twitter please do, we would love to hear from you.

We are keen to start to gather information from our users who come to the site and find that perfect venue and those wonderful suppliers who will make their event a success. If you have any feedback on people who have found you via the site please let us know.

June 2016

Well we have taken the plunge and now have someone redesigning that main venues4hire web pages. We want to make our site a little more dynamic and perhaps put the space we have to better use. We have received some very interesting feedback as to what we can and should do to enhance the support we supply for our 27,000 venues. Our supplier list continues to grow, not just in number but also in the variety of supplier types. we thought we had exhausted the list but new ones just keep coming.

We welcome as always any feedback and ideas.

March 2016

We need your help. We have what we think is a great new idea for supporting venues, all types of venues. If you would be interested in taking part in a very short on line survey please email us and let us know.

Thanks in advance.

February 2016

A great start to the year. We launched our supplier list and started to place supplier adverts onto the site. As at the 8th of the month we have almost 19,000  suppliers listed with nearly 900 registered with us. We are now well on the way to be  able to launch our enhanced venue and supplier pages which will give users of the site access to the most comprehensive event organising facility we have found on the web.

Our social media campaigns are proving very successful in getting traffic to the site and our advertising is working well. We do ask all of the users of the site to tell venues and suppliers that they were found via venues4hire. Please consider putting a link to our site on your own site, this can only help us all to get more and more traffic.

Lastly, please let us have feedback on the site and what we are doing.

December 2015

Thanks to all of you that have made our first year so exciting.  We wish all of our venues, suppliers and supporters the merriest of Christmases and a very peaceful new year. We hope that all of us enjoy a very happy and prosperous 2016.

November 2015

We keep finding venues to add to our list and venues keep coming on and adopting their listing. Fantastic. Thanks to every one who is helping make the premier site for finding the ideal venue.

We know from experience that venues who take a few minutes to add as much detail about facilities that they offer get many more hits on the site. Unique text and photos all help make a venue stand out.

We now have almost 18,000 suppliers listed and the number who have confirmed their details and added photos and text to the listing is continuing to grow. Please keep watching as a we continue to improve and grow our site.

October 2015

Almost 500 suppliers are now listed on our site with more and more coming on and taking the time to register and advertise with us. We offer a free advertisement to all our suppliers but more and more are realising that for a very cost effective sum their advert could be seen on so many more venue pages.

We still have a number of venues that haven't taken the opportunity of coming on line and 'adopting' their venue. It's free to do and doesn't take long. It does give the venue the chance to  update their details, add photos and market themselves so much more effectively. 


We would like to thank all the suppliers who have taken the few minutes to register with us on the site.

Whether you supply goods and services to venues or the users of those venues we are grateful to you and we hope that you find a useful addition to your marketing campaigns.

We welcome your feedback and comments on the site, it's design and features. What would you like to see on the site?

September  2015

What a busy time!!

We have over 21,000 venues listed on the site with more and more venues taking the time to 'adopt' and update their details. The more unique content (text and photos) a venue adds the more they appear in searches. We have also spent the last few months adding over 15,000 suppliers onto our database. This can be suppliers of goods and services to venues, the users of venues or both. Suppliers can have a free advert within a certain radius or pay a small fee to have their advert appear on a wider radius.

Our team are still hard at work adding supplier and venues, so our list grows daily. At some point in the future we hope to have a sister website for the suppliers where we can add extra functionality such as a review section. Keep watching.

Thanks to all our friends on twitter, Facebook and the other social media sites for helping us raise our profile. We have added a blog to the venues4hire site and would love to receive any feedback. Do we have any budding 'bloggers' who would like to guest blog for us? Please email us and let us know. 


March 2015 - Almost 17,000 venues and we have now started to collect data on suppliers, our target is 10,000 by the end of April. 

As a relatively new web site we are constantly looking at where we can make our service better, the feedback we receive from venues and members of the public about what they would find useful and would like to see is so important to us. We are already working on improving our search criteria; this will mean that not only will someone be able to search for a venue of a type within an area but will also be able to search based on what facilities that venue has.

The second improvement we have planned for our search function will look at what is going on at venues, this will mean that someone will be able to search for exercise classes, flower clubs, golf competitions and all manner of activities.

BUT, we cant do this unless venues come onto the site and add all of this data. Tell us what facilities your venue has to offer, fill in the diary function for activities. aims to be the best source of venue activity information in the U.K.

Help us be part of the marketing strategy for your venue.

Watch this space!!!


December 2014 - DID I SAY WOW? We now have over 11,000 venues. That's right 11,000. Does that makes us the biggest venue listing site in the U.K? We think so. We have most of the village and community halls listed and are delighted that so many of them have come onto the site and adopted their venue. We hope that all of the venues enjoy using and make us part of their marketing strategy for 2015; but watch this space, we haven't finished yet. Our upgraded service is starting to take off and the list of enhancements we are working on to launch next year will surprise everyone.

What can we do for your venue, we can help people find you, we can help bookings we can work together. Please watch this space for news, send us ideas and feedback and tell any other venue that you know and we don't have on our site to come on line and register for free.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2015.

November 2014 - WOW. The number of venues on the site has topped the 3,000 mark. When we started to add venues we added all and every one that we could find publicly held data for. We are now adding village and community halls first, when we have completed that mammoth task we will start to work our through the country with another venue sector. Please, if you know of any venue that isn't at present listed encourage them to log into the site, create an account, 'for free' and put their venue where people can find it.


August 2014- More and more venues being added and adopted. Our map of Cheshire and Northamptonshire is beginning to look rather full. Thanks to all of the venues that have come along and adopted thier venue and added such a lot of detail. Don't forget, the more you can tell potentail hirers about your venue and its facilities the better the chance they will book. This month we have added some great new features, location based advertising, venue of the week and more. We have great plans for our future developments, if there is something you would loke to see on the site please let us know, we would love to hear fom you. How about placing and advert? Just drop us a line or give us a call and we will happily give you all the details.


July 2014 - The end of the month is almost here and the site is really taking shape now. We have over 600 venues listed and it's great to see that venues are starting to adopt their listing. As we add more and more content to the site we believe that venues will benefit from our service. We can now accept adverts on our national pages and will shortly be able to provide the means whereby advertisers will be able to specify a region, postcode area or an individual venue that they wish to advertise on.

Watch this space.


June 2014 - The first version of website is launched and the loading of venues commenced. We are initially focusing on the Cheshire and Northamptonshire areas and hope to have the most complete listing of venues and halls that can be hired by the end of July. Thereafter we plan to expand our focus to cover the Midlands, North West and North Wales. The information that we list has been sourced from a variety of publicly available lists combined with local knowledge. We will invite all of the venue operators to adopt the listing for their venue and enhance the information we hold.

Listing a venue is free.