Do you need help marketing your Venue on the Internet?


Here at Venues4Hire we have learnt a lot during the past 5 years about what works and what does not work when you want Google to show your Venue at or near the top of their search results. We do not however claim to be SEO experts and to be honest we doubt if they exist as SEO tuning for Google is a true dark art.

We are based in Cheshire, and we have listed well over 700 Venues, yet if you do a generic search such as "Venues for Hire in Cheshire" and then you wade thru the first 20 pages of results, you are unlikely to find links to more than about 40 Venues - as a result over 650 perfectly good Venues are not found. To find these you need to either do a much more local search or to be searching by name - both of which imply the person doing the search already knows about your Venue.

I have been involved in many long conversations with Venue owners / managers about SEO issues and as best I can judge my advice and insight has always been well received. I have therefore decided to offer a more structured approach to helping Venue owners get the best out of their websites. This advice will come in the form of education about what we have found that Google seems to be looking for in general terms, a review of which Venues Google currently reports in its search results, a review of your website looking for simple ways you can improve your Google appeal a short-written report showing our suggestions and a follow-up conversation (or several) to review these suggested changes.

We will not offer to rewrite your website, nor will we offer to carry out a detailed SEO review - there are many free tools on the internet which you can enter your URL into and they will come back with some general suggestions applicable to all websites - we will use these but will not pretend that these reports are special. If you do need a new website, we sell ready-made websites which are very well suited to Village and Community Halls all at a very low and affordable annual cost.

These reviews will take between 4- and 5-man hours to do and will involve a couple of lengthy conversations on the phone during which I will try to pass on the knowledge I have gained whilst building the website. These reviews will cost £150.

If you would like help in making your Venues website perform better - please contact - Ian Moore on 07831 605321 or