Why Advertise with us?

 Please note it is FREE to promote your venue with us. These prices are for the suppliers of products and services who would like to advertise on our website


At Venues4Hire.org we have built the most comprehensive directory of Venues that can be hired ranging

from Village Halls to Castles and it is free to advertise a Venue. We currently list over 31,000 Venues.

Unlike some venues listing sites we do not just list weddings venues - we list all the venues than we can find. So if you offer a product or service that might be of interest to anyone searching for the perfect venue for their Birthday Party,  Busness Meeting,  Wake,  Family Event,  Product Launch,  WI Meeting,  Zumba Class or even a Wedding!! - then this is the place to advertise.

What format of advert do we support?


A text and picture advert in either portrait or landscape formats - these adverts offer 2 pages with either a picture plus text or just text plus full contact details and a website link.

You can see examples of the different advert styles on this and other pages on our website.

What does it cost?

All our adverts are based on a geopraphic postcode based location and the cost is based on the area you wish to advertise within. That location could either be your own location or the location on a venue that we are listing. All adverts are billed for a 12 month period via an Invoice which we will email to you after the advert has been created.

Advert Type

Area Covered




Within 5 miles of the selected postcode         Special Offer - Free for 12 months  


Within 10 miles of the selected postcode £2 per month / £24 per year  


within 25 miles of the selected postcode £4 per month / £48 per year  


within 75 miles of the selected postcode £8 per month / £96 per year  


The whole country £16 per month / £192 per year  


If you would like to advertise your product or service ==> Create an Advert