Ye Old Test Venue in its Glory Days

Ye Old Test Venue in its Glory Days - What a Venue for that Special Occasion!

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Olde Test Venue
Bramhall Drive
Holmes Chapel

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07831 605321

Ian Moore

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Please note that as lovely as it is this is is a Test Venue. Created to demonstrate the extra features and benefits available when you upgrade to an Enhanced Listing on the Venues4Hire website. The Ads would be an extra income stream for your Venue...

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Venue suitability

This venue is suitable for the following uses:













Venue facilities

100 spaces

Within 730 metres





Yes - Professional (manned)

65 round tables, 40 rectangle tables

500 chairs, 10 benches



Yes - Manned

Other venue facilities






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An excellent space for a smaller more intimate meeting. We would advise that hirers should ensure that neither attendee suffer from claustrophobia.


As meeting room:


For dining:


As theatre:


3m x 1m

Large open area. Available for theatre style seating or dance floor


As meeting room:


For dining:


As theatre:


For dancing:


For a reception:


300m x 125m




Quite a nice room really


As meeting room:


For dining:


As theatre:


For dancing:


25m x 35m




Upcoming events are shown below:

Zumba Classes

Every Tuesday at 6-30 pm and every Friday at 9-30 am (from 1 October 2014 to 31 December 2022)

Alice Jones runs regular Zumba classes every Tuesday @ 6-30 pm and every Friday @ 9-30 am.

Cost £5-00 per session

For further information please contact Alice on xxxxx xxxxxx

Latest news:

Hall secures a new long term booking

28 October 2014

The committee is pleased to announce that a new group has decided to book the 'surprisingly nice room' on a long term basis. The Biggleswade arctic chess and sub aqua club will be holding meetings every Wednesday lunch time for members and people interested in finding out more about such matters as:

Underwater yoghurt knitting

Bee keeping at night

Disco dancing for the over 90s

Tank driving in Bournemouth

Come along and find out more, the club welcomes new members and is looking forward to its new base.

Free WiFi at the hall

28 September 2014

Thanks to the links we have established with venues4hire we now have free wifi available throughout the hall. This means that hall hirers can access the internet for free.

The wifi is controlled by the use of a password which is regularly changed and issued to hirers.

We hope that this will increase the usage of the hall and encourage more clubs and individuals to consider booking the venue for a function or even a business meeting.

Want to know more? Please contact one of the committee members for details.

Regular users of this venue:

Basket Making Club

Contact: Ian Moore

  A weekly basket making club


07831 605321

Current vacancies:


Closing date: 31 December 2014

Researcher required to enhance venue listings.

Please contact Ian Moore on 07831 605321 for more information.

Committee member

Closing date: 9 January 2015

We need more volunteers to sit on the hall committee. The role doesn't require any specialist knowledge just a willingness to attend committee meetings, add to our discussions, have an opinion and help drive the hall forward.

We need enthusiasm and someone who will turn up. The hall needs to raise its income levels to where we are self sustaining and continuing to serve the local community.

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The hall is a an early Elizabethan building dating from 1646 that until 1873 housed the village school, attended by children from a wide surrounding area. 

When the school closed there was nowhere for the WI and other groups to meet.  The Mission Hall on the Green had been destroyed by fire in 1951 forcing the football group to use the Black Swan pub, as the owners were hoping to sell the Green for housing. 

The School had been gifted by the Gregors to the current owners, but once it ceased to be a school, it reverted to the donors or their successors.  The community was keen to retain the building and Parish Councillor R.B Pillock pursued the case with great diligence and when eventually contacted, the successors agreed to sell the School at half its market value.  The Parish Council bought it for £6,500 in 1967 and refurbished the near derelict hall at a cost in excess of £42,000. 

In 1984 Splot was proud to open its first Village Hall.  in 1987 the sons and daughters of Paul Robeson gifted the land behind the Hall to the Parish Council.

In 2002 a request was made to the Parish Council proposing that half the land behind the hall be sold and the hall car park be extended with the proceeds.  The Parish Council agreed to this and the land  was eventually exchanged for £18,300 and 0.7 acre of land behind the Green, where a community orchard has been established.  The hall’s car park was duly extended and the original car park tarmacked.
Please look at the wonderful picture of our hall and take note of the many quite wonderful open plan features.


The Ye Olde Test Venue Management Committee is made up of the following members :

Chairman : Andrew Chairman, 2 Any Street, Holmes Chapel, CW4 7HB
 01234 567890

Booking Clerk : John Bookings 01234 567890 

Caretaker : Bob Builder 01234 567890

Secretary : Harry Scribe 01234 567890

Treasurer : Colin Counter 01234 567890

Other Members : Toby Member, Marj Simpson

Please address all queries, complaints and comments to Andrew Chairman.


The committee meets at 7-00 pm on the first Tuesday of every month at the Hall

The hall benefits greatly from having a web presence via Not only has this meant that we have a means of communicating with our local residents and but can now be found by anyone searching for a venue in the area.

Our membership of the venues4hire forum has led to a number of cost saving exercises. The forum makes sure that the committee and its members know that there is a support organisation out there where they can discuss problems and learn form other venues, big and small the best way to tackle any difficulty.

We would encourage any venue, committee or manager to consider becoming a member of the venues4hire forum. It is county based so issues are local and important to us all.

Hall Hire Costs




Great Big Room

Really Small Room

Surprisingly Nice Room

Whole Venue

Private hire & Commercial hire hourly rates





Saturday evening 18:00-24:00 Private Hire & Commercial hire





Regular commercial hire hourly rates  






Non-profit making and charity organisations are charged at £4.50 per hour per hall 
Charges are reviewed annually

Current special offers are shown below:

Dinner Under the Stars

Available between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2022

Enjoy a dinner under the stars in our wonderful open air Grand Hall

Surrounded by our ruined venue you can let your imagination run wild.

Please remember to bring your own food and drink!!

Just £9-99 per couple


Please Note this is a test special offer!!

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