The start of the 2016 wedding season

This weekend sees the start of the 2016 wedding season. From here on virtually every week sees another happy couple tying the knot. For someone that has been married for a long time its nice to know that romance isn’t dead and youngsters are still falling in love and making that commitment.

For a Master of Ceremonies this marks the end of a slow period and the start of  another busy year. Undoubtedly 2016 will see a number of encounters with slightly drunken aunties, lecherous single young men who see every young lady at a wedding as potential girlfriend material. Lost speeches, broken belts and shoes, technology that refuses to work properly and horror of horrors another round of listening to speeches ripped off of Google.

Please, if any potential best man is reading this, take the time and write a speech from the heart. Make it unique, it will go down with your audience so much better.

Well heres to another busy year of fun.