The slow death of music venues? It cannot be……

We blogged last year about an article published in the Guardian newspaper entitled “The slow death of music venues in cities ”.

At we asked if too many live music venues are being lost, but what is a music venue?  We have nearly 25,000 venues listed on our web-site and there is very little reason why each one could not be considered as a music venue – or are there just too many bylaws and noise restrictions that are limiting the use of the venues, or is it a lack of interest in going along to listen to live music.  We would love to hear what you think, and would love to here about any venues where live music is thriving.


Our supplier search facility provides a great opportunity for musicians and bands to advertise themselves and promote their music – we will support and promote as many live music providers as we can to reverse this trend of diminishing music venues, and get people out listening once again to live music – if you play it, they will come………

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